Video Demo – Control Features


Rebuilt 4020 VMC using NXGEN control

Throughout the development process, we have been demonstrating our progress with many machine operators and servicemen and employing the feedback they give us. The goal is to insure that the initial released product fulfills the customers expectations.  It is our desire to come out-of-the-gate addressing what customers tell us are the four main aspects of the control: the operation, programming, performance and service. In 2014, having given over 50 demos, the consistent response was complete excitement!  The typical demo lasted 2 to 3 hours as we covered many of the original and new features for both the software and hardware of the NXGEN.

The intent of this post is to show some of the main features of the control in action.  While the control is even more impressive in person, we hope these videos will help appreciate what we have developed.  This is not the same old CNC with a different face, but truly something better in so many aspects!

Touchscreen Interface Demos

Full Screen Picture
One of the key elements of the new pendant is integration of the touch screen.  Simply adding a touchscreen doesn’t automatically create a better interface.  For example, consider today’s “smart-phone” market; just because a phone has a touchsceen does not automatically make it easy to use. It is the software behind the touchscreen that makes the difference between mediocre and exceptional.

Visit the Touchscreen Interface page for more information.

Watch The Touchscreen Overview
A short overview showing all the screen features.
Topics Discussed:
Position Displays, Touch Keys,
Legacy Style Function Keys,
Memory Functions, Setup Tools, Adjustments Features

The Command mode is a fundamental requirement for Legacy CNC88 compatibility. As you will see, we support many of the original commands while adding new ones.

Touch Key Demos By Topic


A quick demo and discussion showing the Quick and Easy LOAD PROGRAM Function. Using all the standard Windows 7 features for USB devices, hard drive and wireless or network systems.

A short video showing the AUTO OPTIONS available while running a program such a Feed/Rapid Overrides and Dry Run modes and features that many Legacy users expect to see.

The MDI Key
A short demo of the new MDI mode, see how with the NXGEN control, something “new” doesn’t always need to be unfamiliar! We give you the choice of doing it the old way or the new way…

The EDIT Key
Program editing features that are available anytime with the touch of a key. With a Windows 7 based platform, creating/editing programs are very simple.

Switch the Touch Key screen to Graphics display mode showing realtime Solid modeling and Wireframe graphics. Preview program during or before the machining operation.

The JOG Key
Basically we provide the same familiar JOG mode and functions. Considering the importance to the set-up and operation, we have added many new features while in the JOG mode.

Aids set-up and machine operation. Easily change spindle speed, direction and orient and lock the spindle. Simple touch the key and select desired spindle action, very easy and very fast.

Access many new utilities designed to provide maintenance and diagnostic tools that aid in quickly and accurately pin-pointing problems/solutions, thus increasing uptime.

Thanks for taking the time to watch our demos. While these videos are not intended to replace a real, in-person demo, we do hope it helps to give you an idea what True Compatibility looks and feels like.

Please contact us if you have any comments, suggestions or questions – we are always looking for ways to improve… David M. de Caussin