Wrapping Up 2015

2015 has been a great year for us as we began introducing our new control.
Below are some of the highlights…


NXGEN Beta Update

Back in May, we began shipping three more Beta test sites and by end of July with the training complete, the machines were up and running.  One in Ohio, one in Texas and another in San Diego, California.
From the beginning, our intent with the Beta program was to introduce the NXGEN in a matter that ensures a successful roll-out, in both production, performance and most of all; customer satisfaction. So far our Beta sites have been very helpful testing and providing feedback.

Everything has been so successful, we look forward to expanding the NXGEN beta program early in 2016!

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In September, we were invited by SMTCL to demonstrate the new NXGEN control in their booth.
Click Here to read more about the SMTCL announcement.

Westec 2015 - SMTCL showing the NXGEN control

SMTCL Booth – WESTEC 2015

NXGEN Westec 2015 in SMTCL Booth

First Demo Of The Morning









MEGA CNC Shows NXGEN In Their November 2015 Open House

Everyone at Mega has been a tremendous help to the Beta process.  Many of Mega’s Fadal customers in Ohio were excited to see the Beta testing progress, especially when they get to see things in action… the bottom line is not just making parts but making them in less time without sacrificing quality!

Panorama Of Mega Cnc Showroom

MEGA CNC Showroom 9721 York Alpha Dr, North Royalton, Ohio

MEGA CNC Owner - Dave Gregga

MEGA CNC President – Dave Grega Showing a Remanufactured Fadal 4020 with the new NXGEN Upgrade