Remote Customer Support

Remote Support NXGEN CNC

It is amazing what can be done…

when you have the latest technology!

Excellence in Support – Raising The Bar!

Everyone has experienced the pain of having a problem with your machine or the control or with the programming.  The time and frustration that can be spent on the phone trying just to explain the problem can be exhaustive. Having to fax or email your programs, set-up information and then wait some one to make educated guesses.
Time is money, the production down time just keeps adding up while having to wait to finally fix the problem and resume production. Of course it always happens at the worst possible time!
While technology has evolved, most machine tool company’s  service and support have by relying on outdated control technology, has remained in the past.
Not so with the NXGEN Control!

Remote Assistance With Our Engineers

Remote SupportBy using the latest Microsoft Windows technology in our control and connecting it to the internet, it is amazing what we can do to change “the normal” service/support experience. Now we take customer support to a new and much better level. Even our engineering group is excited to provide this advanced support capability; it is really a great feature for everyone involved.

How Is That, You Ask?
With The NXGEN Remote Support System, we are essentially standing right in front of your machine!
Yes, from our office, we can do everything just as if we are there. You can even watch your screen and see what we are doing. In fact, it has such an advanced remote integration that we both can edit the same program, at the same time.  We can even remotely extract and replace files, while the machine is running!

Many Measurable Benefits Such As:

Remote Diagnose – Helps to determine problems before having to make a service call. In many cases we can eliminate a service call by correctly identifying the problem by watching and testing as if we were there. Thus greatly eliminating operator intervention.
Remote Support – Allows us to review everything in the control, we can even watch while your running the program. We can make changes in the program, offsets, you name it. We even remotely update the software if needed!  All this without your intervention!
Remote Training – Using the presentation features, we can provide question and answer training remotely from our offices directly to your control, in your shop.

All we need from you is a wireless or an Ethernet connection to the internet, it’s that simple!

Why settle for something old when so much new technology is available today?