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The control design team is headed by one of the original de Caussin family members back when they started building machine tools. He was directly involved in the development of the Legacy (CNC 88, CNC HS, CNC MP and the 32MP) control software and hardware designs until 1998, three years after the company was first sold.
Our original business philosophy and control experience, now combined with state-of-the-art software and hardware, is why we call it NXGEN – The Next Generation CNC.


Meet The NXGEN Team Leaders

SMTCL and Fadal Retrofit Testing

NXGEN Bozeman Montana

David M. de Caussin
In 2008, VMC Electric LLC was founded by David M. de Caussin, a third generation machinist/engineer and a family member of the original founding family of Fadal. Where he served as Vice President of Control Design until 1998.
His father David E. de Caussin was the “D” in the name FADAL, a second generation machinist/engineer and the head Mechanical Engineer for all of the machines built up to 1995, when the company was first sold.
It all started with his grandfather, Francis de Caussin, who had 3 sons; Adrian, David and Larry. Eventually there was four generations of de Caussins working together producing CNC machines.

Machining Experience That Counts:
Starting from the most important aspect of the machine; making parts. Before building machines, they were one of the premiere Job Shops in Southern California, specializing in making some of the most complicated and difficult parts in the aerospace industry. Back in 1976, David personally worked on the Viking and Voyager projects plus many other projects for Hughes Aircraft company. But of course, that was before CNC – at that time it was simply NC (Numerical Control), a machine controlled by paper tape. They spent many days standing at the Bridgeport mill making parts ‘the hard way” without CNC equipment.  Fast forward to today, and this experience is invaluable not only in the design and building of CNC machines, but in the experience and knowledge of how to use them, knowing what operators and programmers really need in a control.

Engineering Experience That Counts:
An Overview of His Career
– Legacy Control software development. Starting in 1974, worked directly with Adrian de Caussin as they developed virtually all features of the Legacy CNC.
– Machine and Control design. Starting in 1977, with the very first VMC 45 machine, it was “all hands on deck“. Everyone in the family did whatever needed to be done to get the VMC 45 to market. “As we built the first machine, we were using it to make parts for its next revision.” Eventually, it was used in the Job Shop for final beta testing. This became an important time for the control software features to be further refined. As usual with software, the refinement never ended as new features were always being added as both hardware and software technology evolved.
– Worked directly and personally with many of the suppliers in the design/testing of Legacy software features and the associated electronic components, i.e. spindle motors and Vector drives, axis servo motors and amplifiers.
– Directly responsible for the control engineering needs of the service department, both internal service issues and distributor support, sales and service.
– Promoted to Vice President Control Design in 1990.  David became responsible for the design, production, maintenance and all other aspects of the Legacy Control. This included all control software and hardware plus the electrical components. It was during his tenure they ramped up to 300 machines per month and over 16,000 more machines were shipped. One of the main contributions to the success of the product line was the Legacy control, with continual improvements and strict quality control procedures that produced the satisfaction that drove the demand.

In 1998, three years after the company was first sold, the company was receiving strong corporate pressure to begin offering other controls (Siemens, Fanuc) to the product line, directly counter to the original philosophy.
“It was at this point in time that it became evident to me it was time for me to leave and pursue other interests.”

It was after David left that they came out with the 104D and Infamatic control projects.

Tyler de Caussin
Tyler is a fourth generation de Caussin working in the machine tool industry.
He has a BS degree in Computer Engineering from MSU in Bozeman, Montana.

The bachelor’s degree provides a strong fundamental understanding of the field. The college provides many electives such as artificial intelligence, computational biology, computer networks, databases, embedded systems, multimedia, operating systems, software engineering, web design and special topics courses.

Starting at Independent Technology Service Inc. in late 2008, his responsibilities included many fields of expertise. Starting with the production of the Baldor H2 spindle drive to the development and maintenance of the company websites, plus a graphics designer for advertising, website and now the NXGEN control.

His main responsibilities since 2011, is managing the control software. This includes system architecture and the Windows Embedded Operating System.

Jonathan de Caussin
Jonathan is also a fourth generation de Caussin working in the machine tool industry.
He is a summa cum laude graduate of Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana with degrees in Business Marketing from the Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship (JJCBE), Economics, and Honors. He has the initiative, skills, and creativity to be an effective innovator in many different organizational contexts, including entrepreneurial ventures and large corporations.

Starting at Independent Technology Service Inc. in 2009, his responsibilities included managing the inventory, production and shipping of the Baldor H2 spindle drives sold for installation in machining centers. He managed the spindle drive service returns, and repairs. As of today, almost 2000 units have been installed.
Currently, Jonathan has responsibility of NXGEN control documentation, production/QA management, and marketing.