Truly Revolutionary

A new Windows-based, touchscreen CNC with all the popular CNC88 features and familiarity, designed using the latest technologies on an open architecture platform.

More Than Just a Control Upgrade

Don’t just settle with a control upgrade for your Fadal machine that only runs faster.

The NXGEN Control was designed to look like and run just like your Fadal CNC88 control, and yes it is smoother and much faster. It wouldn’t be a Next Generation control if we didn’t add new features such as a new Pendant with a touch screen interface. We’ve also added over 20 new features, including new tools for the programmer, for the operator, and the service man. That’s designing for the future!

Bottom Line Benefits

In many cases, 10x the performance of the Legacy. 10 millionths program resolution!  Learn More >

More Parts, Less Time
Machine parts faster without sacrificing accuracy.  Learn More >

Ease of Use
Touchscreen simplicity, speed and familiarity with many “One Touch” features.  Learn More >

Legacy Compatibility
Walk up.  Use it. Feel right at home.  Learn More >

Remote Support
With Remote Support it’s just like our engineers are standing right in front of your machine. Learn More >

New state-of-the-art isolated power and ground design, eliminating ground loops and power problems. Plus, the board count is 1/3 of the Legacy; fewer boards means fewer failures.  Learn More >

New software tools provide pin-point diagnoses, and all of our designs have easy access.  Learn More >

See For Yourself: Faster technology does not sacrifice accuracy


History That Delivers

The NXGEN control design team is headed by David M. de Caussin. David was one of the original family members when Fadal started building the first machines in 1978.
For over twenty years, he was directly involved with the development of the Fadal Control as VP of Control Design until 1998, three years after the company was sold to Giddings and Lewis (G & L).  What is commonly called “The Legacy Control”, had various models such as CNC 88, CNC HS, CNC MP and the 32MP.  While the pendant changed over time, they all had common internal control software and hardware designs.

The new Control Project has been in development since 2011. It is the accumulation of many talented engineers and specialized companies who have been working with many of the best control software and hardware engineering companies in the world. The control is backed by a strong beta program that was started in 2015.  We know that careful and patient field testing at selected facilities before production release is the key to a successful introduction.


NXGEN control upgrade on a 1997 Fadal 4020

Eliminating obsolescence by designing for the future.